One of the projects wrapping up the year 2023 was the creation of the visual identity for climbing competitions at the Poznan bouldering gym, United. A perfect idea that proved to be spot-on was drawing inspiration from mythology. My main inspiration came from black-figure painting known from Greek vases, providing an excellent opportunity to revisit Gombrich's readings. This is when the concept for the competitions emerged, centered around the theme of Greek gods. Characters like Achilles, with his heel hook, and Psyche climbing in labor perfectly fit the nature of bouldering competitions. Let's not forget the most important source of inspiration for me – my beloved fairy tale, produced by Disney in 1997 – Hercules. This story accompanied me throughout the creative process and was the primary influence on the style, especially the monochromatic scenes accompanying the singing Greek muses.
I started the work with quick sketches, aiming for a very simple yet elegant drawing composed of individual strokes. When I was reasonably satisfied with the body arrangement of the characters, I cut them into pieces and, like puppets, rearranged limbs in search of the perfect composition. This is how the leading graphic was created, which found its place on all elements of the competition's identity. It was used on posters, in social media, and printed on T-shirts and hoodies.
The additional element of my project is an animation of the climbing volume, depicting a flaming volume reminiscent of an Olympic torch. The dynamics of the movement are intended to evoke the striking of a match, which, through friction (so crucial in climbing), ignites. It is not just a unique design but also a symbol that invokes the spirit of competition and determination that accompany climbing competitions.
photos made by Martyna Kamzol
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